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Project Shift - Volunteer Check in/Check out


When a project is configured to enable personal kiosk and the "Shift Attendance Mode" is set to "Check In" or "Check In and Out", volunteers can sign into VolunteerMatters and check in and out of their volunteer project shifts when the time of the shift falls within the system's sign in/out timing settings. 

These settings allow a time period before a shift’s start time where a volunteer can check into a shift via the kiosk and after a shift’s starting time that they are still allowed to check in.

The times on their shift will then be updated with those exact times and their total shift credited hours will be updated to match the actual time volunteering.

Volunteer Experience

  1. The volunteer logs into the system on the day of their shift.  They see their available "Check Ins" at the top of the Volunteer Dashboard (homepage) in VolunteerMatters. 

  2. If the project also has geolocation configured, the volunteer must be within X number of meters of the project address to check in.  The X number of meters is defined on the project setup using the "Kiosk Geolocation Range (m)" field.  If they are not within X number of meters they will see the following message.

  3. If geolocation is turned off or they are within X number of meters, they will be checked in after clicking "Check in".

  4. Once checked in they will continue along with their duties.  Once their shift is completed or whatever time they are leaving, if "Check In and Out" is configured on the project they will be required to also check out of their shift.

  5. Once they confirm their check out, they will see the "You are checked out of the shift" message to let them know they have successfully checked out of the shift.


After this process the check in and check out times and credited hours on their assignment will be updated with those times determined from their actual check in and check out.

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