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Y-USA Standard Setup


You will benefit from the standard setup that carefully considers the needs for YMCAs.  We worked with Y-USA and a national consortium of YMCAs over almost an entire year to define requirements, implement and beta test a modernized and automated approach to volunteer management.  During this process the consortium reviewed the paper and electronic processes of more than a dozen YMCAs and developed an approach that simplifies and automates volunteer management while actually improving on the quality and security of past practices.  The resulting configuration is what you see in the live system. 

You may be asking, “So, what is included with the Y-USA VolunteerMatters setup fee?” 

Y-USA Standard Setup:
a) Deployment of a Y-Branded configuration of VolunteerMatters that includes a Y standard for the application form, contact fields, my profile, security roles, volunteer project search, volunteer project catalog formatting, volunteer project attributes, rules for credential application, reporting, and email templates (confirmation, notification, reminders, thank you’s, and invitations). 

b) Configuration of “branches” included in the association deployment 

c) Assistance in the configuration of default “credentials” that may be required of all volunteers (i.e., electronic signatures for liability waiver, child abuse protection policy) or volunteers for specific types of jobs (i.e., background checks.) 

d) Assistance in the import of volunteer contact and background check credential data 

e) Access to online tools for product training and support for all administrators and organizers 


Additional Setup Fees:
What are the more common setup services that may require an additional setup fee? 

i) Any changes to the y-Standard configuration described in #1 above. Any requested changes to this standard setup would have to be reviewed by our sales and consulting group to determine feasibility and cost 

ii) Additional credentials, past the default Y-USA credentials the system is deployed with (this is included in the Thought Leader/Innovator consulting packages) 

iii) Professional services to extract data from 3rd party services or manipulation of extracted data to prep for import into VolunteerMatters 

iv) Assistance in the import of non-background check volunteer credentials - any additional credentials other than background check (this is included in the Thought Leader/Innovator consulting packages) 

v) Assistance in the import of volunteer history - importing of past volunteer activity requires additional setups in projects and requires additional charges  (this is included in the Thought Leader/Innovator consulting packages) 

vi) Live or in-person training (this is included in the Thought Leader/Innovator consulting packages) 

vii) Integration with 3rd party services 

We also offer consulting and coaching packages for your VolunteerMatters deployment. Click here for more information.

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