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Getting Started


Welcome, and thank you for subscribing to VolunteerMatters for the YMCA!  

You will benefit from the standard setup that carefully considers the needs for YMCAs.  We worked with Y-USA and a national consortium of YMCAs over almost an entire year to define requirements, implement and beta test a modernized and automated approach to volunteer management.  During this process the consortium reviewed the paper and electronic processes of more than a dozen YMCAs and developed an approach that simplifies and automates volunteer management while actually improving on the quality and security of past practices.  The resulting configuration is what you see in the live system. 

Click here for more information on what is included with the Y-USA Standard Setup


We also have solutions to further assist you on your rollout, how we help, and the available add-on support packages:

Steps for a successful rollout - How VolunteerMatters helps - Consulting/Coaching packages


Important Links

When getting started with your VolunteerMatters account the following links can be used to advertise your VolunteerMatters system from your website, email, marketing materials, etc.:

Login (for existing volunteers): https://customercode.volunteermatters.org 

Volunteer Registration (for new volunteers): https://customercode.volunteermatters.org/register  

Project Catalog (for all volunteers): https://customercode.volunteermatters.org/project-catalog

You can also deep link to any specific project page from the project catalog by clicking on the "Project Page" button and then copying the URL from your browser when you are on the project page.

NOTE:  "customercode" is assigned to your account when you subscribe to VolunteerMatters.  Typically your customercode is your base domain name from your web address.  For example if your web address is http://www.ymca.net, your base domain name and customercode is 'ymca', so your login would be https://ymca.volunteermatters.org.   If you have any questions on your customer code please contact support.


Training Resources

When getting started, it is important to familiarize yourself with the terms and functionality of the VolunteerMatters system.

VolunteerMatters Glossary  - Here you can a listing of terms used within VolunteerMatters and their associated definition and function in the system.

Video Tutorials - Here you can review online training videos on:

  • Project Setups
  • Project Needs
  • Need Assignments
  • Contacts
  • Credential
  • Credentials - Manual Background Check
  • Reporting
  • Feedback

Online Support Portal - Where you can review individual solutions from the guides in a searchable format and submit support tickets.  You have a boat load of resources at your finger tips:

  • Lots of how-to solutions and best practices.
    You can simply type in a keyword(s), and you'll get an immediate response.

  • Contact your primary support person by submitting an online service request.

  • Access to training videos and user guides.
    Series of task-specific training videos.
Live Training  - If you would like to utilize some form of personalized live online training (via the internet or in person) there are few options available with our coaching/consulting packages:

  1. Virtual Training can be purchased in two-hour sessions as add-ons* to any of the coaching/consulting packages.  Up to 10 individuals can attend each session, plus we will host a recording of that training for up to a year. 
  2. Onsite Training - includes daily cost plus travel.

If you are interested in scheduling one of these please contact sales@volunteermatters.com.

*The packages themselves include either virtual or in person training so these would be additional sessions.

Standard Quick Start Steps

  1. Customize your credentials
  2. Import contacts (if desired)
  3. Create projects and their associated needs
  4. Invite volunteers to register, or if they were imported, have them create their login account via the Contact Portal Invitation note tool. 
  5. Volunteers login and signup for available needs

Please do not hesitate to contact support for questions on any of these steps!  With the Y-USA standard setup we will work with you to get your system ready and live.


Happy Volunteering!


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