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Team Update 01/22/16


VMS Pilot Team Members,

Thank you to those who participated in Tuesday's and Thursday’s calls.  
Overview of New Features
There have been several updates this week including:

  • Making contact names clickable links to the contact's record when it appears in the contact database list view and volunteer assignment lists and reports. 

  • Updating the project page to allow paging, sorting and filtering for volunteer needs.

  • We updated the volunteer reports to display both on-screen and in a printable view with additional filters based on need type and dates
  • Background Check Integration
    Our development team is in the final days of testing integration with Verified Volunteers for automated background checks.  Volunteers may initiate a background check from a general application, when signing up for a need that requires a background check, or after their background check expires.  The system automatically communicates with Verified Volunteers to update the status of the credential in VolunteerMatters.  VolunteerMatters then enforces rules for when that background check must be re-run based on your Y’s policies.
Coming Soon
  • Social Media Integration
    We will be updating email templates and volunteer project pages to encourage volunteers to share with their social networks.  This will include prompts to “Share This” from assignment confirmation emails which will help the volunteer to make a post about their new assignment with your Y.  (e.g., “I just volunteer for the YMCA’s ABC Project” with a link to that project’s page).  Anyone may be able to “Share This” directly from the project page as well - proving a post about the project in general.
Office Hours Topics
  • Tuesday
    Karen reported that when pasting a URL string in to the Project’s description text box, the entire string will appear (i.e. www.volunteermatters.com/features);however, the only the route of the URL is highlighted (i.e. www.volunteermatters.com /features). Thus, when a user clicks on the link it will link to the home page, and not the intended secondary page.  We will resolve ion next week's release.

    We were also asked about changing the language on a need sign-up to be "sign-up" rather than "details" - something more actionable.  This was something that we actually changed from in one of our early releases.  Changing back to this is not insurmountable but it would be a substantial update at this point for various reasons.  VM and Y-USA have a call on Monday the 25th to review options.

  • Thursday
    Eric has an event where they have to reschedule the date due to weather.  He asked for the best way to handle that in the system.  As of right now, he would have to change the date and times for each individual need.  He would also have to email the assignees outside of the system notifying them of the change.  We mentioned that it is our plan to add bulk management tools to update needs. Additionally, we will be adding a tool to email assignees on a project.  We would likely see this implemented prior to the end of the pilot program.
Support Resources/Services Available to You
  • Weekly Emails
    We will be sending weekly update emails similar to this one to keep all pilot team members apprised of our progress and developments as well as to communicate the successes of pilot Ys in using VolunteerMatters.  It will include product updates, open feature requests, and pilot usages metrics per YMCA.
  • YMCA VMS Support Portal

    Recordings - We will be recording and posting all office hours sessions and training sessions.

    Weekly Updates - Along with the recordings, we will post the written summaries delivered weekly so that all information is centrally accessible and we do not need to search through old emails.

  • Individualized Setup Calls
    In addition to the twice-weekly office hours and live training opportunities, we offered to schedule one-on-one calls with any Pilot Y that felt it would be of value.  Peninsula and Wichita have already requested personalized meetings.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if your Y would like to do the same.
As always, thank you for your valuable input.  We look forward to provide continuous improvement throughout the entire pilot program and beyond.
Mark, Michael, and Tom
Michael Koch
VP National Accounts
203-987-3339 x808
Mark Hopwood
203-987-3339 x802
Tom Scales
YMCA Dedicated Support Representative
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