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Integrated Learning (Release Date: 11/10/17)
032316_600x400_Machine-Learning-2.pngProper training is a critical element to on-boarding volunteers and providing them with the tools necessary to be successful.  Training impacts your volunteer program in two critical ways.  First, there are cases where training must be required of our volunteers in order to assure a safe environment for those we serve, the organization, and the volunteers themselves.  Second, training can be a service to enrich the volunteer’s experience by providing new skills and perspective on your organization, it’s mission and operations.

VolunteerMatters allows you to define any number of credentials that may be required of all volunteers or are required for specific volunteer jobs/roles.  We currently offer several types including agreements, which volunteers can electronically sign, certifications (driver’s license, CPR certification, medical license, manual trainings run outside VolunteerMatters, etc.), manual background checks (tracking checks run outside of VolunteerMatters), and integrated background checks (Checks via 3rd parties that are initiated and updated automatically through VolunteerMatters).  We are happy to announce with this release we are offering a new type of credential for ‘integrated learning’.  An integrating learning credential allows VolunteerMatters to integrate with a 3rd party learning management system to initiate and track the completion of online training courses.

We are prepared and happy to integrate with your preferred learning management system today.  Please contact sales@volunteermaters.com for further details.

    • Require a learning credential (online course) for a specific volunteer job or for all volunteers.
    • When a volunteer attempts to sign up for a job that requires a learning credential they do not have, the system enrolls them in the course behind the scenes and provides the volunteer with on-screen instructions and the link to the course in the learning management system.
    • VolunteerMatters drives the volunteer directly to the course in the 3rd party learning management system using single sign on to eliminate the need for the user to login to a second service.
    • VolunteerMatters receives automated notice when a course has been completed and updates the volunteer’s learning credential accordingly.
    • The volunteer receives reminders with instructions and links to the required courses they have yet to complete/pass: a) every time they login to the volunteer portal b) in assignment confirmation emails and c) in assignment reminder emails.
    • Organizers and administrators receive daily or weekly notifications on all assignments where a credential conflict exists (i.e., a volunteer has not completed their required course.)

We are prepared and happy to integrate with your preferred learning management system today.  Please contact sales@volunteermaters.com for further details. 

Empower Staff
VolunteerMatters recently spoke with a significant number of our customers to perform a volunteerism assessment.  We were happy to confirm that almost every customer had made significant strides toward the extraordinary.  However, there was one element that almost every customer reported as an opportunity to accelerate their success - and that was providing more training for their staff.  As a result we are developing the following resources and procedures to support our users.

  • Monthly User Calls (Start Date: 11/7/17)
    VolunteerMatters hosts a web conference on the first Tuesday of every month to maximize every customer’s investment in volunteerism. While the call is primarily designed for VolunteerMatters customers/users, non-customers can also benefit as topics will include techniques to leverage volunteerism for the benefit of membership attraction/retention, fundraising, corporate relationships, program delivery, and expanding our mission. The format is topic-driven but also allows the freedom for users to share their hurdles and successes.  

    You may Register for to participate from the following link:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

  • Online Volunteerism User Certifications (Release Date: 11/17/17)
    VolunteerMatters (VM) has developed a course curriculum to train and certify every user of VolunteerMatters’ online tools.  The certifications are broken into three paths for Administrators, Organizers, and Risk Managers.

    The VM Administrator Certification is designed for any individual who oversees volunteerism across programs, special events, or projects  (i.e., for an association, branch, division, department, location)

    The VM Organizer Certification is designed for individuals who manage a specific project, program area, special event or initiative.  These are those directly interacting with volunteers to build relationships.

    The VM Risk Manager certification is designed for any individual responsible for the implementation and enforcement of risk management policies surrounding volunteers.


What's Next (30-120 days)


Measure Impact: Admin Reporting Release
This release will focus on providing more flexibility in how we can report on volunteer contacts and activities.  Highlight include:

  • Expanded contact/demographic information in report results
  • Ability to filter volunteer project reports by the types of volunteers (by group, organization, region, status, etc.)
  • Ability to “tag” projects with user-defined terms/phrases and filter reports based on those tags
  • Expand volunteer history reports to include details on specific entries for self-reported hours
  • Table-friendly, Excel friendly roster and sign-in reports

Empower Volunteers: Volunteer Reporting Release
This release will include improvements to the volunteer’s ability to self-report on hours under ‘My Profile’.  It will include the ability to see more detail on self-reported entries.

Give Thanks/Get Feedback: Zapier Integration
VolunteerMatters is extremely excited to soon offer integration options through Zapier.  Zapier is an integration community that allows VolunteerMatters to integrate with hundreds of other service providers.  VolunteerMatters can be configured to notify Zapier whenever a new volunteer registers, when a new sign-up occurs, or when a sign-up changes (i.e., the volunteer arrived or completed their assignment).  You may then use any one of the 700+ Zapier community members to “do” something with that information.  For example, here are just a few of the actions you can automatically initiate at the moment a new volunteer registers:

    1. Confirm the assignment with the volunteer via text or phone message
    2. Send a department head an email, chat message, text or phone message
    3. Add a record to your Salesforce database
    4. Prompt the volunteer to fill out a survey
    5. Send the volunteer a physical ‘Thank You’ card
    6. Tweet about it
    7. Send a Facebook friend request
    8. Add them to your Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or Emma mailing list
    9. Prompt them for a donation

Eliminate Barriers to Engagement: Background Check Integration
Getting a new or returning volunteer on-boarded as quickly as possible while assuring a high degree of safety and security is a major priority for VolunteerMatters and our customers.  Streamlining the criminal background check process for volunteers is no exception.  VolunteerMatters will be offering a new method for performing varying types of background checks that can be performed in-line with a volunteer’s registration or sign-up.  The integration will be completely seamless, will only require 2 steps, and will not require the volunteer to leave the volunteer portal (to go to the background check provider’s site).  We will be starting the new integration method with Intellicorp and move to other providers quickly thereafter.

Promote Volunteerism: Email
This release will provide more flexibility in how emails are sent and received from VolunteerMatters.  We will be looking to allow the customization of the ‘reply-to’ email setting on a per-project basis for all automatic confirmation and reminder emails for assignments.  We will also look to provide the ability to customize the reply-to for manual communications including email invitations.  This will allow a project organizer to receive replies for their specific projects rather than having all communications coming from an organization-wide email address.   We also plan to include the ability  for volunteers to opt-out of emails sent from VolunteerMatters.  



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